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Necromunda House of Artifice engl.

Necromunda House of Artifice engl.
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Art.Nr.: 9781788269575

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Hersteller: Games Workshop
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Games Workshop

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Erweiterungsbuch zu Necromunda Underhive.
Englische Ausgabe!

History of the House of Artifice: Discover the secret history of House Van Saar. Born of a chance occurrence: in the dim and distant past of Necromunda, the Van Saar grew from enclaves of scavengers and Tech gangs to become the foremost artificers of the hive world and one of its most powerful Clan Houses.
House Van Saar Gangs: Updated rules for creating and running House Van Saar gangs, including extensive weapon and wargear lists as well as two new Van Saar gangrfighters: the technological Archeoteks and the grav-cutter riding Neoteks.
Hired Guns, Hangers-on and Dramatis Personae: Rules for adding Bounty Hunters, Hive Scum and House Agents to your gang, as well as Van Saar specific Dramatis Personae such as Von Buren, the rogue Archeotek, and Lisbeth ‘Iron Angel’, the arachni-rig pilot.
Expanded Rules: Additional rules for running House Van Saar gangs, including Sub-plots, a unique Van Saar skill set, Van Saar terrain and House Favours, along with rules for Archaeo-Cyberteknika, allowing you to give your fighters advanced bionic upgrades.
House Van Saar Scenarios: A collection of scenarios dedicated to the House of Artifice, from the birth of an Abominable intelligence in Deus Ex Machina
to the final stand of a venerable Archeotek in Last Rites for the Machine!"

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